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Thread: What Does "locked Topic" Mean?

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    Just curious.
    Does locked topic mean what it seems, that no new replies may be added?
    Does it mean someone else is in it adding a reply?
    If it means that it's closed to further discussion, then who decides this?
    I would like some answers, and for those who dislike my views, as always, write me back and give me reason, beyond "volume of voice" (emotion) or "repetition of thought" (unwilling to even LOOK at more than one side of things), to believe something else.

    Educate. Laugh. Love. Life.
    (Can a topic be unlocked? If so, how?)

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    yep a closed topic means exatly that it is closed to disscussion a moderator or a admin will decide if it is to closed or user's of this board we can not unlock or lock ourselves.

    welcome to the board and enjoy


    ps this thread is in the wrong place please think before you post about the topic and which room best describe's where to post.

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    Thank you, and you're right. My question belonged in another area. I got guided to this thread when I first joined, and have just used it to the exclusion of other, sometimes specifically tailored threads. Sorry for any seeming disregard for the format clearly laid out by the planners of this site.
    I will be more organized in the future. B)

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    post in the correct sections, if u want to help


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