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Thread: Anyone know how to get the music in madden 06 and NBA 06

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    Anyone know how i can get the music for those to games? I have them downloaded and installed how would i extract them?

    i used google and still i cant find anything
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    All you have to do is take the game cd(s) and explore them. Find the Music folder and open to reveal all of the .EAM files, the file format for audio in the game. Now, here your thinking, so now I need some kind of converter right? WRONG! All you have to do is copy the files to your computer and reaname all the files with .mp3 ending instead of the .eam and, voila! You now have mp3's you can listen to in whatever music player you want, or burn them, or whatever. Well, hope this helps. Enjoy!

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    doesnt work i renamed them all to mp3 and they wont open and play

    did the whole copy and paste and rename they dont open in winamp they just stay idle. So give me something else
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    i googled and i dont think theres anything that opens .eam files. damn what am i going to do prob have to smash this game in

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    Try this :-

    --- Download an audio stream ripper, there are free ones about I expect if you want to be legit (try

    --- Install and open your stream ripping program and set it up so that records whatever comes out of your soundcard.

    --- Start the recorder with whatever settings you want (bitrate, format etc.)

    --- Start the game. Play the music you want or navigate the game so that the music plays - you get the picture.

    --- When done, quit the game, stop the stream ripper and save what is recorded.

    --- Not exactly an orthodox way to do it, but a way nonetheless.

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    yeah but they never play the whole song and i dont know where they are coming from

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    yeah i been trying to do the same but i cant figure it out

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    hmm sorry i have no idea then, ill look around, and see if there anotehr way to do it

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    i been looking around posted on like 100 messageboards theres no way to do it

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    Honestly, I'd sugest getting the list of the songs and hunting to download them. EA censors the songs quite a bit (they bleep the word prison in "LAX" from NFSU2 for example). Failing that, those soundtracks usualy get posted in the soundracks group (the games soundtrack group tends to focus on japanese games)
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