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Thread: dvd burning question

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    i'm still fairly new to the dvd burning game... i've downloaded maybe 10 movies and burned the video_ts file with nero to create a watchable movie with no problems up until today. i downloaded a new release (hey mr lucas) and went to burn the video ts file again... however this time the file itself was almost 6 gigs and nero will not burn it.

    my question is... is there a way to force nero to burn this? or to get around this some way. i know many other people who downloaded this same release from usenet haven't had any problems burning and watching... what am i doing wrong?


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    probably need a double layer burner, you said its 6 gigs.

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    dang... you sir are correct. it is only a single layer dvd burner. is it possible to compress these files or am i better off looking for a different versino of the movie to download?

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    sure you can compress it and turn it into an xvid or you can take content out like extras, languages, etc...
    check out this

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