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Thread: Jackson 5 Music Video Disease!

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    For those that remember:

    The Jackson 5 made a video for one of their songs that use mutilple images of them. There seemed top be lots of them as the camera panned across. Does anyone remeber that or am i just an old fart??

    Anyway to my question, i have a movie that does the same thing, the film seems to be running slower and the pic blurs into multiplie images all the time. So when the person moves they leave 20 images of themselves behind, damn this is sounding a bit odd isnt it??

    Hope someone can understand what the hell i am talking about? If not well i dont blame you

    Is there a way to fix is this prob??

    Cheers in advance..

    p.s for those that dont remember that song, well maybe you were lucky...

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    Codecs,Codecs and more Codecs!
    Download the K++ Codec pack and then see if it works ok.(But make sure to uninstall any old ones you have first)


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