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Thread: Happy Tree Friends Dvd

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    im looking for the happy tree friends dvd, but i cant find it anywhere
    do anyone know anywhere i can download it?
    i've tried direct connect (probatly checked a thousand hubs ) i've checked these sites around kazaa lite, but with no result

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    Happy Tree Friends? Forgive my ignorance, but is this a kids movie?
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    here is a link to a mini show, it might look like a kiddie crap, but then agian, its funny and a little psycho:p:p

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    You could always goto

    They are all for free from there, quality stuff.

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    haha yeah that shit is pretty dam funny. at first i thought it was sum stupid kid show, but its not, its funny as hell.. but takes forever on 56k

    ima go get my cookies out of the oven now..


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