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Thread: cmd.exe. Computer really slowed up now.

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    Hi All.

    cmd.exe seems to be using about 80% cpu, and the system is very slow. Did have a virus which Norton dealt with, but the system is still slow. Have also done an online scan which shows nothing unusual. Anyone suggest a reason why cmd.exe is taking so much of the processor?

    Many thanks for a any help.

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    cmd shouldn't be running unless you have a DOS window open, i'd check your startup list for why it's loading

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    Thankyou Vargas.

    It was something leftover from the virus that Symantec detected. Don't think it should have got past the AV but some of it obviously did.

    Thanks again.

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    last word of advise, get rid of that peice of shit norton

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxygenuk
    last word of advise, get rid of that peice of shit norton
    Very good advice

    Get NOD32,Kasperski or AVG. I've try them all and are very good.. Norton is a crap!

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    Have tried to get a working copy of Nod32 but never get past the crack stage. Would like to try it actually.


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