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Thread: Mirc

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    hi guys,

    i recently installed mirc and get this message when i try to download anything

    ** You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (146 seconds remaining until timeout)

    I followed the guide below and still i have no luck at all, if it helps i have windows xp corporate edition sp2 intergrated with firewall switched on.

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    You followed steps 5 and 6 correctly right? If you did, you shouldn't get that error. Make you you follow steps 5 and 6, and also try different bots with different files. Sometimes the problem isn't on your side, but the bot's side.

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    I get that with some bots - sometimes all of them in a particular group.
    I couldn't find a fix so just tried other bots/groups until one worked.
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    i have tried about 30 different channels searching for all different things and alls it does is comes up says accepting send then fail on me on everything i try i will post some screen shots in a second


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