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Thread: Wav To Mp3

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    Bit Rate = 96
    Channels = 2 (stereo)
    Audio Sample Rate = 48khz
    Audio Fromat = mpeg Layer-3

    Why will this not convert to mp3 format????????? This is from Beauty and the beast christmas thingy and I need to copy it to VCD format. However my VCD player willnotplay the sound correctly if it is in wav format so it needs to be mp3....I keep getting unsupported format errors when using programs to convert it...WHY???? I tried EVERY program from many many searches in google is there one that will actually work???

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    Mp3 won't work with VCD format. You need to downsample the audio to 44,100. Then it will be compatible. You can find more info at B)
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    My audio is at 44,100 and it actually does work but not properly...the sound skips like every 2 or 3 seconds. I had this problem before with the Aladdin because I live in Thailand and DVD players are too expensive so everybody buys VCD players which is what I own so it won't read the wav audio correctly. With the Aladdin I had to convert the wav to mp3 then put that together with the video and it worked great. My problem now is for some reason the Beauty and the Beast wav says unsupported format when I try to convert it...I have no clue why????


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