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Thread: Tmpgenc Wont Encode And Nero Takes Forever

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    I'm trying to encode(vcd) a few movies with tmpgenc but get errors,
    for instance im trying to encode
    But get this error "Read error ocurred at address 00402F40 of Module TMPGENC.EXE with FFFFFFFF"
    While also trying to encode
    i get the same error.
    also it says the file size is going to be 2889.88 mb which is far too big even with overburn.

    So i tried Nero and it took 25 mins for 10 percent is this slow for my computer

    P3 800


    384mb ram


    it also gave large files like 1000mb for bowling and 850mb for one hour photo and even with overburn this will not fit

    After reading some artices on this forum i though i could convert avi's of 700mb to vcd on 1 cd but it giving me large files so what am i doing wrong.

    Please help

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    Did you use the cracked one on the main site? I had the same error, but then I got the Free version and it didn't give me that error.

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    Originally posted by junkyardking@17 April 2003 - 23:30
    So i tried Nero and it took 25 mins for 10 percent is this slow for my computer

    P3 800
    384mb ram
    I have a p4, with double the RAM that you have, and it takes almost 2 hours to convert with tmpgenc. There is no quick way to do this. You could probably find a better quality file, like an SVCD version, ripped from DVD. No encoding needed, just download and burn.
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    a p3 800 is going to be really slow for video editing.
    the fastest processors take a while with video.
    your dealing with huge files and slow processors
    are not recomended.
    unless you are just watching them.

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    what about the file size , even with overburning they wont fit on a cd what do i do?

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    i get the same error with the same film, crazy

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    You need to cut them after you encode to get them on to a cd i would recoment you goto dvdrhelp
    its got everything you will need to do it.
    Just read that site and educate yoursealf and you will be doing it in no time

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    You need to use the frame server on virtual dub. Every time I would get error messages when encoding I would use it. Not real hard to setup.

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    The problem for is that you use TMPGEnc 2.510 Plus right?
    If you do,then read this thread I started and Im sure it will help you.

    Also change the VFAPI plug-in becuz you need to do it if you want to encode Xvid movies which you find in
    Options-->enviromental settings-VFAPI plug-in and change it like this:

    DirectShow Multimedia File Reader........4
    AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader...................1
    AVI VFW compatibility Reader................0
    Microsoft MPEG-1 Decoder.....................0
    Wave File Reader...................................0
    BMP/PPM/TGA/JPG File Reader..............-2
    TMPGEnc Project File Reader 2.58........-2

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    Have you Tried EO Video? It`s a free download, and I`ve got the key, If you can`t get it, PM me and I`ll send it you.

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