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    I need some jhelp with newsgroups ok ?
    so if any1 knows how to use em or knows a decent 1 tht wud be gud

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    i recommend not using outlook for the newsgroups. you should dl either grabit or newsbinpro. sorry, i can't provide a hash, i don't have them on the comp yet, i just formatted. i recommend grabit to start with, cos it's pretty easy to use
    once you have one of these agents downloaded and installed, you'll need to specify your newsgroup server you want to use. this will depend on your isp. my isp is freeserve so my server address is
    if you want the server of your isp then just visit their homepage, they should tell you. once you have selected your server, grabit will ask you if you want to dl a list of the articles on it. say yes and it'll start to dl the (possibly) huge list of articles. this might take quite some time, but you can check the progress if you switch to the 'batch' tab in grabit. once you've got the articles, find a newsgroup that interests you, right click on it and click subscribe. this should now appear on the left of your screen. right click on the new article on the left of your screen and hit full update. this will now download an accurate list of all content in this particular group. any articles in the group that interest you, double click on them and wait for them to download. they should appear in the default grabit directory (C:\Program Files\Grabit).
    Hopefully this will be of some help to you, and i hope there aren't many mistakes, i'm a bit tired right now (it's ten to 6 am)
    for details on where to find items, go to
    good luck

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    Thanx m8 tht was really useful


    if i need help al cum to ya

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    np, hope it was helpful. i don't use newsgroups much myself (largely due to my crappy dialup), but they're pretty handy for getting new releases. plus you nearly always get your full download speed; i get around 6.5 kB/sec generally, which is pretty good for 56k

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    I was wadering if anyone knew a newsgroup server that did catz or dogz
    its just tht my niece wants it

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    dial up access to newsgroups? LOL do you ever finish downloading anything?

    I get 200 + kb/sec - Btw try this newsgroup reader also.



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