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    Just wanted to clear some stuff about me.
    Im really greatfull of the support what i've had and what i've got here in KLF, and in SS,
    So much info and so many cool/good ppl here i must say!

    But the reason i made this thread is mostly for the ppl who know me in SS,
    dont panic! there's no reason what-so-ever, Im still there most of the time, atleast im trying to "hang out" there. and im only human too ; "to error is human" i heard it somewhere,
    Im am getting reaaaaaly busy with new musical stuff and i just cannot be in front of my PC all the time.
    Its just impossible. I can not do that.
    And if i fail to add somebody on my list ( you can PM me too) it might be cuz of my stupidity or whatnot might be cuz of ppl who ghance the username so very often (confusing), i dont know, im just a g-player, but i hope ppl will consider me as a sorta cool dude. I got nothing to hide, got no agenda, no hook what so ever (maybe im pushing my own music too much sometimes) but i like r and b as i like rock and roll... no shit
    I just like music, (henceworth i play) thats all...
    ... oh yeah, i had some beers today... so there.

    - GS-

    No need to reply, i just wanted this outta my tits, my OWN FAT TITS, that is...
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    I know what you mean with the music, my problem is instead of playing for an allotted hour,it tends to stretch into about 6 hours. It`s just so damn addictive.


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