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Thread: beavis and butthead the mike judge collection

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    how good is this becuase i know they dont have season dvd's

    is there anywhere to download all the eps. i dont care what network its on.
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    Just record them off tv and tell your friends how "old school" you are.

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    From another site...
    "* 1-900-BEAVIS - On the Time Life disc, when the boys first make the phone call, they laugh and Butthead says "She said something" and they continue to laugh. On the Paramount disc, this line is omitted.

    During the call the lady asks if they're there, and on the Time Life disc Butthead says "I think I just innoculated" (which is kinda funny actually). This line is removed in the Director's Cut.

    Then at the end, the last line in the Time Life version is "Hey, maybe we'll hear some butt wind." This is removed from the Director's Cut.

    So, after checking one episode, the Director's Cut removes three lines of dialogue and adds nothing.

    * Late Night with Butthead - The new Director's Cut removes the first minute and a half of this episode, starting instead where B&B pitch the idea for their talk show. It removes Letterman's cameo voice appearance. Later, the director's cut removes B&B celebrating with some air guitar after successfully pitching their show.

    So again, the only thing the Director's Cut does is remove stuff.

    * Figure Drawing - The DC removes a line where their teacher says he's about to teach a class on Aroma Therapy. Three or four lines are then cut after B&B rearrange the letters on the sign. Several other dialogue cuts throughout. No additions.

    * Held Back - The DC removes the lines "This desk is giving me a stiffy" and "I don't even have room for a stiffy".

    * Tainted Meat - The DC removes a bit from the middle of a news broadcast talking about "a fierce new parasite" in regards to Beavis making everyone sick at Burger World."
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