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Thread: DVD Burn Speeds

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    Is there a way to force a burner to write at a lower speed? I only have 8x,6x, and 4x available in the drop down menu in both Nero and Alcohol120%, and to burn XBox backups it is recommended not to exceed 2x.

    Would it be possible, or will it require a firmware update?

    I'm using a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S

    I beleive this is the right forum, firmware effects hardware, eh?
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    If 2X isn't available then it means that you already have the correct firmware.

    An older firmware that doesn't have the media code for the media you use would cause the burner to revert to 2X only. It wouldn't offer the faster speeds at all.

    4X speed should be fine with good quality media.

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    Nero DriveSpeed should do it.
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    4x is perfectly fine for the xbox. Unless your lazer is about to die.

    I always burn my xbox games @ max speed, usually tops out at about 10.2x

    All the xboxs ive tried them on all work perfect.
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