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Thread: Copy Dvd?

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    You know to copy a dvd do you have to have a special dvd copier to suceed?
    And can you connect ur pc up to ur tv to watch it through there ? and tape???

    might sound stupid but......

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    this question gets asked almost every day

    you can rip a dvd using software like dvd ripper and lots of other ones

    to hook up your movie to your tv you need a video card with a tv out port

    use the search option and find previous posts for more help

    fuck Derby County

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    yeah thnx m8

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    I think everybody should start to remove any DVD rip software, since it is taking about a lightyear to get them done.

    Here two amazing DVD programs that will help you out in making copies in 1 to 2 hours maxi.

    - dvd2one111 (impressive one)
    - dvdXcopy (latest version)

    Try it...

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    For ripping DVD's try DVDSHRINK.Its new and lets you compress and edit so you can fit a DVD9 onto a DVD5.
    Its also VERY user friendly.


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