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Thread: .ts how to unpack

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    .ts seen a lot of this lately I know you can play with VLC media player but how do you unpack so it all one file.Forgot to say this is a format been using on newsgroups lately instead of rars.

    Ok nero dvd video excepts .ts so problem solved but long way around it lol.
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    don't know m8 tried using it vlc to get to one file no good or doing something wrong lol and nero don't like this format as well or winavi get errors with both so looks like going to have to put up with 45 files and not one.

    and when you play with VLC media player because it in parts you get breaks when playing.
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    .ts is HDTV rip you need the codec to play it in zoom player or bsplayer
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    Playing it not the problem play ok with VLC media player it's in 47 .ts parts just want to know how you join them together winrar will not touch this format .ts help please someone must know what going on here as there was no nfo with it and yes checked other nfo's with the file ex .ts but they give you no info how you are suppose to join them together.

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    maybe make a backup of the whole thing, then try renaming each one to .r01, .r02, etc. That may work. But at least youll have a backup if it dont.

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    Tried that already m8 didn't work hope Ft going well sorry Had to leave.

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    why did you have to leave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider_dude
    why did you have to leave?
    pm sent and I did post before I left.
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    use the program HDTVtoMPEG2

    highlight all ur ts files. it will make it into one mig mpeg file. no quality loss. keep in mind it doesnt delete the ts files along the way. so make sure u have enough space when using it. its a free program. search google.

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