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Thread: Nero 6 language pack

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    OK, I bought Nero 6.6
    One of my hilarious buddies went and applied an Italian language pack to it as a joke. I know what you're thinking..not funny, right? After uninstalling and reinstalling it's still in Italian.
    I like the Italian language, I think it sounds cool. But I can't frickin read it.
    Anyone know how or what to get rid of to get it back in english?

    Much obliged
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    download the latest version of nero 6.6 here

    Language packs can be found here

    you need to update nero before you can install language packs
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    I was going to make a comment on "buying" an app then coming to a filesharing forum... but when I think about it, Nero really is one of the few apps that is worth it

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    Well, thanks for the input, but I found a much less time consuming way.
    Going to Nero SmartStart and just changing the language.

    My last program was Nero 5, which ddidn't have smart start.

    Personally, I buy the stuff when I need it. But I figured someone here would know how to get around the hooha.

    Thanks again.


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