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Thread: Sony Minidisc - need advise

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    I just need your advise on buying a new portable audio recorder.

    About 3 months ago, I bought Olympus DM-20. But this is a very bad
    device. Firstly, it does not have on/off button, so as soon as you put
    the batteries in, it will remain ON all the time. It records the
    audio in a proprietry format. I cannot play my other MP3 on DM-20.

    I hoping not to repeat the same mistakes with my new audio recorder.

    Somone recommended Sony Minidisc player. But can u tell me if following can be achieved with a minidisc:

    (1) I need a small audio recorder that I can put in my pocket and
    record the discussions / lectures....

    (2) The recorder should be able to record in MP3 or WMA format.

    (3) I should be able to put these recording onto my other MP3 players and play them.

    (4) I should be able to play my other MP3s on this recorder, as well.

    Can I achieve the above with a Sony Minidisc???? Which model should I get?

    Any advice??

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    doesn't anyone use a Minidic player anymore ?


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