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Thread: DVD newsgroup question on #s in headers

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    I'm new at this and trying to find out what the numbers in the various dvd newsgroup posts refer to so I can see what I'm spending time on.
    Some examples in a.b.dvd are
    FTD #494478 - ST33_13
    FTN #20026 0 Spirder-man 2
    and some just a number like
    491550 - Sopranos

    These must reference something. Where do I go to find that info?
    Thanx, I apprecate your help.

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    For any Alt-Bin item you need to get on their IRC channel and use a trigger to get details. For FTD use As for FTN as I recall they have a site somewherethough its been a long time since I remember using it...
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    here's a helpful little page


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