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Thread: Movie Codecs And Players Question

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    just a quick question and i feel this is probably oneof the best places to ask it.
    Basically, several movies require the divx video codec, which is fine i have the latest one. However some of these movies will not play in windows media player (no video, just sound), but they will play in divx player. Examples are Predator and The 13th Warrior.
    I dont understand why this is so, the fact that thy play in the divx player suggests that i have the correct codecs, but i cant figure out why WMP wont play them. This wouldnt usually be a problem, but if i fast forward divx player at all with "the 13th warrior" movie, the sound gets totally out of sync, which means i have to watch it from the beginning everytime. With predator this was the same, only divx would stop the movie after about 20mins or so, in WMP i could simply fast forward to just after the 'bug' and carry on, but with divx player i cannot because of the sound issue.
    Anyway i hope i have explained my problem clearly, and i do believe this is the correct forum to be posting this question,
    I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out, or at least provide a explanation as to why these events occur.

    Many thanks,


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    Uninstall your codecs and then install the K++ codec pack.It should work fine then.

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    WMP is cr@p at playing DivX/Xvid encoded films. Try using BS, Core, Zoom or VLC players in conjunction with SLD codec pack.


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