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Thread: Splinter Cell Cd1!

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    I've downloaded and burned Splinter Cell FLT-SC1 - FLT-SC3.bin.exe files and converted to ISO's, and it starts installing, then I got message:"crc error \Splinter Cell\..._2_DEF_ministry_tex.utx. So is the problem on my CD-RW or in the ISO file? What do you think?

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    umm i had a similar problem.. i just got that problem message about another file but in the end of it the game worked. although my friend brought me the discs and he had the same messages i had.. but it dodn't work to him.. go figure :\
    anyway i think you should search for the files with the problems and replace them. it just might work. try search for them on kazaa lite or direct connect.. thats where i found them.. although it turned to work without them..

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    if its bin files use cdmage it fixes allmost all corrupt parts of a bin and it makes a cue sheet
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