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Thread: Leechers? in bitcomet

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    OK I downloaded bitcomet 0.6

    Is there any way of blocking leechers?

    I'm succefully dl'ing my first file (480Mb - 100Mb dl so far) I have a max upload of 11KB/s and a Max dl (so far) of 50KB/s -currently 37KB/s as I write. I can get up to 120 - 130KB/s on Kazaa.

    I have also noticed that my system is running slow with bit comet dl'ing in the background, things like webpages are very slow to open....I hope this doesn't continue to be a feature of bitcomet. Kazaa can run in my background no trouble at all.

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    Definately bitcomet causing the slow running, I turned off BC and everything went back to normal I don't think I can put up with this after I've downloaded my file. and the idea of not having files available unless people are actively dl ul ing them is pretty useless. There is another file I want 25Mb but no one is active with it. I think Kazaa is better than this.

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    Reconnect to BC and when your page viewing slows down open your task manager and let me know how much the %age of cpu it is using please mate.

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    u could use .. nice small BT client and u could dump BC right away

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgy368
    Reconnect to BC and when your page viewing slows down open your task manager and let me know how much the %age of cpu it is using please mate.
    I don't think I can give a %age in Windows 98?

    I have now finished dl'ing both my desired files.

    the 490Mb file had quite a few users, the smaller one had one user @ 3KB/s and came through eventually.

    I'd like to leave them in my Bit comet and let them upload to others but it slows my machine down something chronic! and it's only uploading @ 10KB/s

    I also dl bittornado but I haven't used that one yet.
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    Problem is your using an O/S that was created with stone tablets and wooden sticks.

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    yup BT isnt for anythin <WinXP, coz it handles a lot of conn's which Os<winXP is not good at....

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    Win 98 works with all my other progs very well. Including Kazaa lite, and I can have 20 + connections on kazaa with no probs at all (I've never bothered to count them).

    Also Bitcomet slows my computer down the moment it is switched on, even though there are no active connections at all.

    I still haven't tried bittornado. But I have completed both the files I wanted so I'm not really in any need to try bittornado as I don't need any more files.

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    No problem with bitcomet yet, at least for me.

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    I started using BC because Torrentstorm was such a resourcehog...

    I love BC for it's possibilities and smooth operating....

    I run xp, btw.

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