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Thread: Vonage Will take VoIP

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    [news=]UTStarcom will realease new phone, F1000, later this year that will use VoIP. VoIP is 'Voice over Internet Protocol', which will use hot spots to send voice messages. THey will sell the phones through different service providers and operators. Vonage will be the first to pick up the phone into it's service. Pricing is not released yet.The company says their main consumers will be in North and South America because they mostly have Wi-Fi capabilities in their homes. Many other companies are joining the trend such as VTech who will release a 5.8GHz phone that will work with Vonage. The phone will have a base and 2 handsets. It may handle up to four handsets and the company will bring out terminal adapters. These adapters will convert regular phones into VoIP phones.

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    lol flash VoIP ads are everywhere on the net


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