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Thread: Newsgroups ? p2p ? help

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    hi , i used to get eveything i need off irc and morpheus or limewire , but these days im finding it alot harder to find anything and even when i do useally not enough hosts to get a decent connetion , ive only jst heard about newshosting and newsshare type things , can anyone explain how they work and do i have to pay or what ?

    what are peoples first choice when finding files ?

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    Take a look at this Guide first

    Also if you decide to signup with NewsHosting and want to support the site make sure to use the banner above or in the Newsgroups Section which links to the sites refferal at...

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    thx , i had a read but im still a bit unsure .. are all files online all the time ?
    and u download in textformat but it converts it back to its original state ?

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    The files are on servers for differnt periods of time depending on their retention. Basically it based on how much space the server has so as the new arrives the old vanishes. Thus servers such as NewsHosting have a 30 day retention whereas your cable companmy may only have 3 day retention. As for what a reader does in simple terms it basically converts the binaries to files. If you want the Slyck guide can give you more details...
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