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Thread: the racing driver

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    The race-car driver picked up a girl after a race, went home with her and took her to bed. He fell asleep only to be awakened suddenly when she smacked him in the face.
    "What's the matter! Didn't I satisfy you when we screwed?" he asked.

    "It was after you fell asleep that got you into trouble," said the angry woman. "In your sleep, you felt my tits and mumbled, 'What perfect headlights.' Then you felt my thighs and murmured, 'What a smooth finish.'"

    "What's wrong with that?" asked the driver.

    "Nothing, but then you felt my muff and yelled, 'Who the hell left the garage door open?!'"

    A 16-year-old girl finally had the opportunity to go to a party by herself.
    Since she was very good-looking, she was a bit nervous about what to do if boys hit on her.

    Her mom said, "It's very easy! Whenever a boy starts hitting on you, you ask him, 'What will be the name of our baby?' That'll scare them off."

    So off she went. After a little while at the party, a boy started dancing with her, and little by little he started kissing her and touching her.

    She asked him, "What will our baby be called?"

    The boy found some excuse and disappeared. Some time later, the same thing happened again: a boy started to kiss her neck, her shoulders... She stopped him and asked about the baby's name, and he ran off.

    Later on, another boy invited her for a walk. After a few minutes, he started kissing her, and she asked him, "What will our baby be called?"

    He continued, now slowly taking her clothes off. "What will our baby be called?" she asked once more.

    He began to have sex with her. "What will our baby be called?!" she asked again.

    After he was done, he took off his "full" condom, gave it a knot, and said, "If he gets out of this one... Harry Houdini!"

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    baccyman, you have the best


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