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Thread: meh. benchmarks?

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    anyone seen any benches pitting the X1800XT CrossFire against the 7800GTX SLi?
    only thing I found so far is the X850s vs 7800s
    a very laughable comparison IMO
    even though I don't think the X850s did that bad, but still....

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    anybody who's had their hands on 'em is probably forbidden from distributing actual test numbers, 'cause ATI wants to keep the slate clean until the card is actually ready to ship. so people don't think "oh its performance sucks" when there are still last minute bios/driver tweaks to be made. that's usually how these companies deal with the press. non-disclosure agreements = you can look but you can't talk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. nails
    yep, like i said.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Unfortunately ATI asked us not to publish specific benchmarks since RD580 and Crossfire x1800XT have not been officially released and there may be more changes before the products launch.


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