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Thread: Blood on the Wall - Awesomer

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    Anyone want to trade this CD for something I've got? I can't find it anywhere.

    I have St. John Green's only CD. It's from 68, and psychedelic, but they were on a death and satan vibe, instead of the usual 60's love and peace vibe.

    I also have Reefer Madness: Vintage Drug Songs 1927-1945

    And Spiritualized's 'Ladies and Gentelmen, we are floating in space.'

    The first 2 (and the only 2 real) 13th Floor Elevator's cd's too.

    And Taste of Blues 'Schizofrenia'

    And a shitload of other CD's.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i have it (mp3) if you want i can yousendit...just pm me
    or add me to msn

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    Thanks man, I'll add you to my MSN. Mine is


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