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Thread: P2p Applications I Am Using

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    I am using quite a few P2P applications to get a nice cover of networks of filesharing.
    Tell me what u pple think.

    1)Kazaa Lite (of course) -- Fasttrack
    2)BitTorrent -- BT links
    3)Shareaza -- Gnutella2 Network
    4)Emule -- Edonkey 2000

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    I have tried 2, 3, and 4, and not really gotten a lot of success with them. Bit Torrent is OK but there are a lot of issues just now.

    In addition to K++ I am currently, as we speak, using Soulseek and Direct Connect++

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    well i cant use direct connect because ive only got a 12gig hdd and you need at least 15gig to even start and 50-80gig to get the decent stuff.

    I use Bittorent even with the issues i am sure they will be sorted soon, Newsgroups the best place to get new stuff, IRC the second best place to get new stuff, and emule+ good for cdimages.


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