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Thread: Can't open this file, HELP!

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    I downloaded an album and it came in a rar. Unrared it and another file with the extension file as EFC. I couldn't figure out how to open so i googled and tried but that didn't work either. Anyone know how to open a .EFC extension file?

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    Found this answer on the E-mule web forum:

    What is an EFC file?
    EFC is the acronym for Encrypted Fair Copy. EFC files are used to distribute works that are sold through FAIRCOPY. An EFC contains the distributed work encrypted with a secret key. The work contained in an EFC can be in any file format: MP3, PDF, QuickTime...
    An EFC file is associated not only to the author of the work that it contains, but also to the user who created the EFC. This is the user that will receive the distribution commission when someone buys that copy of the work. This means that in order to receive commissions for redistribution of a work, you have to distribute your own EFC file of the work (that you can create with the FCTool application).

    I have downloaded a file with a .efc extension from a P2P network (or elsewhere). How can I play it?
    Using the free FCTool application you can buy and decrypt the work contained in the EFC file. You'll get a new file with the work in its original format, a plain MP3 (or PDF, or whatever) that you can enjoy without restrictions.
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