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Thread: Hd Parition, Windows/linux

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    I want to partition my HD (30GB - 17 - not used) and assign about 10gb to a new partition in order to install LinuxOS.
    I have WinXP Home P3 , ram 512mb, 30 gb hd, Laptop
    If anyone could suggest me on what is the best way to do it and what is the software that I should use for it. I've heard about Partition Magic but is there any other prog that is free.

    Anyway, any suggestion on this project is much appreciated.

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    Linux has a few toys like diskdruid that will do it for you if it is fat32.

    But if it is ntfs i would go with partition magic 8/9 Im sure there are hashes around for it.

    Just make sure you defrag your drive before you partition it.

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    <<<You&#39;ll probably lose XP if you use partition magic8 unless they&#39;ve done an update recently. It does NTFS and linux partitions ok but it can&#39;t even see XP when it&#39;s installed in XP. It&#39;ll just overwrite it sometimes. PM7 was better for moving NTFS but it won&#39;t create proper linux partitons. >>>

    So what should I do then. I was thinking about PM7. it the only prog for winXP that can be used for partitioning so that thenafter another OS(Linux) might be installed.


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