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Thread: Questions On Codecs And Nero With .avi Files

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    hello everyone,
    im new here, obviously. now i found this in another topic:

    "If you have a good quality .avi you can directly burn it to a good quality vcd using Nero All you need to do is uninstall all codecs and install klcodec16 - kazaalite's codec package - before you burn and it works fine, no need for encoding etc, just straight .avi to vcd"

    now im using nero ive made a few vcds using TMPGEnc to encode, and nero to burn. works fine, just my computer has a slow processor, so it takes a long time to encode. what that person stated above looks to be easier. however, i am not too familiar with codecs. is this possible? how do i go about turning off the codecs in nero like he said. and i have kazaa lite, so i guess i need to turn something on there as well.

    please help me if you can, or post a link that would help me. that would be great, either way.


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    No need to do all that.
    In Nero's Wizard choose to burn a VCD. Choose the AVI File and hit burn.
    Nero now converts/encodes files to VCD.

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    still takes a long time to encode. if what you are saying is there is no way to go around encoding, then thats fine. but usually nero dosent keep the video and audio lined up very well.


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