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Thread: Installing With Winiso...

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    Well... I can't burn them... I have no CDs left... so... I used WinISO to extract the files of the two bin files... when I click on the installation icon and run the installation... what do I do if it asks me to insert disk 2?...

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    ummm... i think if you can find where they set the paths... one of the word documents.... i think... change the path to ur folder....

    i did it once... w/ another game but it required internet dl... and the com i wanted to install it to didnt have internet... but in the end i installed it...

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    also check this thread out

    dl that program

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    What does that program do?

    Isn't there any way to redirect the installer to the folder with the extracted files of the 2nd bin file

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    that program lets you mount a .bin onto a virtual cd drive, so you can install it from the virtual cd drive and dont need to extract it first, it also supports .img .iso and numerous others as well.

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    Okay... downloaded Alcohol... how do I mount the image now?

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    Or try using Daemon Tools. Download and check out the how to and you'll be mounting in no time. That's unless of course someone comes along and tells you how to use Alcohol.
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    I tried Daemon Tools already... but it says... "Unable to mount image. Invalid image file"... but when I used WinISO... I was able to extract all the files...

    What's up??

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    C'mon guys... please help

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