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    How do I change my movie from a avi to an Mpeg so I can burn it on Nero?

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    download TMPGEnc. thatll do it.or you can encode using nero, but it messes up alot. the video and audio wont be together. use TMPGEnc. it works great. but it sucks, my comp is really slow, so it takes about 10 to do half of a movie.

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    What is the site to get it from?

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    u cant burn it as .avi?
    i use windows media player and i just burned 2 movies of 715 mb on 700 mb cd
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    It says that it needs MPEG-2 which was encoded for Super Video CD.

    And at the bottom of the message it says:

    Analysis of the file found
    -Stream encoding which is invalid for a Video-CD
    -no video
    -no audio

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    What is the site to get it from?
    u r m8 u can get a copy of tmpeg here if u want to encode in avi to mpeg (vcd)

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    Goto Dvdrhelp and read up that site has all you the info you need


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