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Thread: whats wrong with my BF2?

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    When i place CD 1 in it says my game isnt installed. I got to my add removed its there. I than start the game threw start and when i try to join a game it keeps shuting me out to windows any ideas? And when i try to remove it it starts up and acts like its going to remove it and it doesnt than if i try to install it it just shuts off and doesnt install it starts to load the wizard to install and than it shuts off

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    i got a runtime.exe error whats that mean?

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    Format and try again.

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    format yeah right its not even worth it to format this im not going to lose everything for one game. I just think its funny that the damn game stays in my system icons and says there 12.90mb left and when i look for it i cant find it any idea why my game still thinks there 12.90mb left of it?

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    Hum... try to remove all the game , the folder , in control painel ,try to clean the registry files on "regedit" ..... everywhere.... then try to re-install

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    What he means, go into Program Files, and delete the game folder in there, and then use a registry editor(Google>>Regcleaner) Restart, and then try re-installing the game.

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    I think thats a cd drive error. Check ur IDE cables to make sure they are connected properly and make sure ur disc has no dust, ect. I occasionally got the same problem. I know for a fact its my mobo's fault tho.

    EDIT: Also if u have another DVD or CD drive, try installing in that one instead and see if it works for u.


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