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Thread: Is this my DVD or CDRom?

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    i tryed to uninstall BF2 from my pc but the Uninstall wizard wont open. I than delted all the BF2 files in the EA Sports folder in my computer. Than i try to install it again the install wizard opens up and than it shuts right off before it even ask me for my cd key any ideas what this might have to with? Could me having Damon tools cause this error cause the game might pick up on it?

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    Try asking in game world,a lot of stuff don't like emulators now days.
    I wouldn't think you've uninstalled it properly the way you've done it either,try getting hold of a copy of Your Uninstaller pro 2006,I got this the other day and its very good at getting rid of stubborn programs

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    Try to ask in the right forum ...its more easy to find the solution...*Games*


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