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Thread: BF2 Prob

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    To get my battlefield 2 working i need help. In my add and remove it says there are 12.90mb left and when i try to remove it it wont let me. It wont load. What makes this better is i found on the internet what the prob was and i ended up getting rid of what does this. But for some reason my computer thinks there is 12.90mb left when i did search i didnt find anything to do with BF2 but the prob is i cant play it till its gone from that list it wont let me install. So what do i need to do to get rid of the 12.90mb in the add and remove

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    i wood say u wood need to go in to the registy and delete it there but dont the what u wood need to delete thow sum one here shood know

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    i already been in the registy the damn thing just wont get off my damn add remove


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