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Thread: It Puts A New Face On The Www

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    What would u do without K-Light or Kazaa? Would we all have to go back to those ureliable Warez sites? ::!!A true nightmare!!:: K-Light and Kazaa are the G-ds of P2P file sharing utilitys. LETS START A CULT!! (just kidding&#33 But really, what would it be like without these P2P file sharing programs?

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    Use the other ones I am currently using along with K++

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    eh i only use one at a time

    emule would be my next choice if k-lite was gone

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    Sorry i went off on the description...the question is: What would if NO P2P file sharing utility existed!

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    A Credit Card

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    I'd just borrow al my mates CD's and copy them!

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    ah yes the credit card...perhaps i could have used a credit card to buy the $17,000 worth of software I've downloaded

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    17,000 ? what kind of sotware

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    Every professional graphics software you can think of

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    Isn't that rather redundant? Why would you need every Photoshop? Or every version 3d Studio Max, or Maya. Why would you even have both Maya and 3d Studio Max? I can see Poser and one of the two, but all three is just silly.

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