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Thread: anyone know about wireless networking?

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    i was wondering if it's possible to make a wifi card act as an access point rather than a member of an ad-hoc network

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    You should be able to connect to PC using a wireless NIC no differently then if you wired directly using a Cat5 cable.

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    You can use a wifi card in ad-hoc mode in a PC that is also connected to a wired network via a normal network card. You just need to configure packet forwarding and routing or bridging appropriatly on the host PC.
    To emulate an access point that is just an AP (not doing connection sharing) you want bridging enabled between the wired and wireless network cards.

    A few wifi cards such as the original orinoco cards (not the new inferior ones they now sell under the same name) can be used as an AP in infrastructure mode. Generally means using linux and some arcane configuration.
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