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Thread: N64 Emulation Mods - Mario And Zelda (56K WARNING)

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    anybody seen these? people are using new features of N64 emu graphics plug-ins to modify old N64 games. it's all being discussed on the forums.

    pictures. check it out. these are done by going through the ROM, finding all the textures for reference, photoshopping new ones from scratch, then loading them with the Rice video plug-in's ability to replace the textures. at first glance this may not seem all that great-looking, but keep in mind these are old games with very simple polygons, and it helps if you remember what they originally looked like (they were BLURRY. blurry polygons, blurry textures, blurry everything, in low-resolution).

    Ocarina Of Time with high-res textures:

    Ocarina Of Time with cartoon-style textures:

    Majora's Mask with high-res textures:

    Mario 64 with high-res textures:

    Mario 64 with cartoon-style textures:

    Mario 64 with photograph-style textures:
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    this is a whole other feature. the Direct64 video plug-in's ability to apply a pseudo-cel-shading effect to the polygons. notice these two Mario screenshots are still using the original blurry textures from the N64 cartridge.

    Mario 64 with pseudo-cel-shading:

    Ocarina Of Time with pseudo-cel-shading and high-res textures:
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    Looks really good. Too bad I don't have a gamepad for my PC. I never owned a n64 (I was a PS1 gamer). I might check those forums out.

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    I play Zelda OoT with high-res textures...gotta love it. Keep in mind you'll still need a decent computer. For more textures get 'em at EmuTalk.

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    sweet! do u have a link?


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