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Thread: Sql Database

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    duz ne 1 no how 2 setup a sql or mysql database on your computer as i am setting up the software for my own forum and i have alredy got a server running on my computer (badblue)

    i would be very greatful if someone knew

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    come on some one has to know

    who setup this board

    come on i really need to know

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    could someone at least say something instead on just looking

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    I know some hashes that might help you.

    Fileebook pdf) - webdb-guide_php-mysql-apache.pdf

    Fileynamic Site with PHP_MySQL.pdf

    File:MySQL-PHP Database Applications.pdf


    Edit: Turn hybrid hashes to normal hashes.
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    thanks for replying it means alot to me

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    Patience is a virtue..
    I don't have any idea what this is" a sql or mysql database" but i just wanted to say something..

    Be a bit more patiently! And stop talking to yourself

    Good luck with your quest

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    thanks il try to be al little more patient next time its just ive been workking on this for over 3 months now and im only 13

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    If you need a MSSQL database then you'll have to get Microsoft SQL sever (duh), if you want a MySQL database you need MySQL (dun).

    You can dwonload them both from the internet MSSQL - and MySQL -

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    ok ill try to explian thois as good as i can

    i need mysql which i have already downloaded

    i am trying to install invision power board th same as this forum

    i can run the installer on my computer and i have mysql running at the same time i just need the sql database name which i presume is mysql im not sure weather you have to put in the ful name or what i also need the sql user name and password which i have no idea what that is i have tried numerous times but it just sez it cant make a connection

    please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    please can some one give me more info or a host that has no ads php support a mysql database and ftp uploading


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