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Thread: DVD With No Subs Menu

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    I have a dvd that has subs but has no menu to change them within the disc when its played. This means the subs are hardcoded and very annoying. Ive tried using DVDShrink to do a quick removal but when I go to open the disc it errors out. Ive made a backup with DVD Decryptor of the dvd on my hardrive which also gets the errors when I try to open it. Is there a simple way to just remove the subs from the ts folder or what app can do that...

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    I'm almost positive that they cannot be completely removed. I may be able to get around it though. What is the exact error that DVDShrink is giving you?

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    As follows...
    Invalid data in file VTS_21_1.VOB
    Just noticed thats the file where the menu goes when you choose subs when watching the movie. Its basically just a blank screen stating the menu has been removed and then it loops back to the main menu. I was thinking maybe there was a file with just the subs like some avi files have that could just be removed from the folder taking them out completly...
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    some apps that may help:

    IFOedit, VOBedit

    VOB blanker

    or try here:

    there's a few more I think, but can't remember

    warning, if it can be done, which I think it can, it will be messy
    it will probably involve some time,
    and none of those apps I linked to are "one-click fixes"

    yer gonna have to get yer hands dirty, hehehe

    sounds like someone just removed the menus and forgot to remove the subs
    providing that it's been an actual dvd all along and not a re-treaded avi or something
    if so, you should be OK trying to remove the subs, as they shouldn't be hardcoded
    but if it was a re-encoded avi then you are f00ked
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