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Thread: matrix: path of neo

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    hi i wanna try this game prefferably by a demo but iv looked everywhere and cant find one

    but what i want to know is what the control system and gameplay is like?

    i have a saitek p880 gamepad which is like a dual shock controller with twin analogue controlls etc and iv downloaded max payne 2 and manhunt lately but i cant use my gamepad on them so i got rid of them (third person games need gamepads! eg. gta)

    so can anyone tell me if ill be able to control it by my gamepad with the dpad and x/y axis and everything or will ihave to waste 3gb downloading the game and find out i have to use my keyboard and mouse?

    also if it can be controlled with the gamepad are the controls tricky like driv3r(i hate aiming manually with shitty rates of crosshair moving lol) for instance or nice and smooth like san andreas or something?

    thanks in advance people your doing me a favour here

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    I have the PS2 version, I think the controls are okay, it'll probably be mouse and keyboard on the PC version.

    I'm not sure but the controls are probably similar to Enter The Matrix.

    As for gameplay, the fighting is fun, but a tad confusing, and level design is a bit poor. Not a great game really, although it is pretty satisfying kicking someone into the air, and then grabbing their ankles and spinning them round, smashing a pillar to pieces with their head.
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