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Thread: .exe Vs Cd Images

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    What is the dif between the two? Nowadays most of the verifieds are CD images...why? what are the +/-?

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    + small file to download
    - most of the movies/sounds are ripped out so you never get them with a .exe, they can take ages to extract and you cant install them properly, take the sims, yeah you can play the .exe of the sims but you cant add any of the add on packs to it as the addons dont recognise it is there as its not installed properly just extracted onto your hdd.


    + they are exact copies of the cd the game come on so you get everything that was intended to be in the game, you dont even have to burn them onto cd to install them or play them just use daemon tools or alcohol 120% to mount the image on a virtual drive.

    - If your on a slow connection then they can take awhile to download a 2cd game will be 1.4gig whereas the .exe of the same game can be 400-500meg, if you download them with kazaa there is a fair chance you will get CRC errors, but thats the kazaa program not the actual cdimages fault.

    and i think thats it, if i think of anything else ill edit this post.

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    171 i get it....we should put this in FAQ because im sure many people dont know the diff....

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    =cd images r ripped and exe's r ripped too

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    Originally posted by vegeta@19 April 2003 - 02:55
    =cd images r ripped and exe's r ripped too  
    Yeah, I was confused about that at first too. When you talk about a DVD rip, it means a full movie that was taken from a disc. But when you talk about a game rip, it means some of the extras (like video and music) were taken out to make a smaller sized file.

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    ahh, that makes sense, always wondered about the DVD rip name

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    if you compress an image file it will become an exe to, i wish people would start compressing their images
    this would cut the size down by a great deal, a 600mb image compressed with winrar or winace will make the size roughly 290mb now does this not make sense to start compressing images meaning quicker downloading.


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