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Thread: Help me before i break the computer please

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    My god i suck at programming and Visual Basics, i dont even know why i opted for this course, cos i suck at it. But anyway, its to late to fail now, so i have to do the work. Anyway i have a problem and chances are the answer is so simple, i just dont know it.

    Anyway my problem is im building a program, and i have two checkboxes, i need to change it so when i select checkbox1, checkbox2 is locked, but when i select checkbox2, checkbox1 is locked. What i thought it was is...

    If Check1.Check = True Then
    Check2.Check = False Else
    Check2.Check =True Then
    Check1.Check = False
    End if

    But this doesnt work. So any help would be great right about now.
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    Smash the computer

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    Yes, that will help me

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    the results on my pc were bad, Check2.Check = False caused my pc to heat up, it's now beyound repair

    sorry i was of no help
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Are damn Celebs, that sucks for you

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    Oh yea, im putting the code in the form if that makes any differance. I dunno if its the right place or not.

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    Scott, you posess any modding skills? (skinning, modeling, coding)?

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    Your lucky you haven't broken it yet

    My old Computer back fired on me and blew up in smoke cause of the damn phone fax and scanner were being used at the same time

    It would have been cool if it happen like this

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