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Thread: Java too much memory

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    dudevenezuela's Avatar VIP
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    May 2003
    I need java in order tu run limewire... azureus ... some websites etc...
    I downloaded J2SE Runtime Environment but it takes too much memory and slow down my PC

    How can I solve this?
    Another java software or what?

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    Either buy more memory or find alternative non-java programs.
    There are many non-java bittorrent clients

    Bearshare or shareazza instead of limewire.
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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    Dec 2003
    How does java slow down your system? I can remember having 128MB of RAM and not having it slow down any with java?

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    java is a memory hog (from what i have seen)
    but also torrent programs are natural mem hogs because they tend to memory cache chunks of the shared files to prevent constant HDD accsess

    these two factors together make BIG MEMORY HOG

    try bitcomet for torrents (it is not java)

    little test
    start Azureus & Bitcomet with no torrents seeding or DLing
    Azureus consumes 40MB on startup
    Bitcomet consumes 18MB on start
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