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Thread: Wierd Windows Problem

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    Hello ppl,

    I'm running Windows 2000, and the oddest thing happend today: A specific folder went back in time , U see, this folder went back to it's "status" in March 30th 2003, and today is April 18th 2003, between March 30 and April 18, I re-named a file in the folder, and created a new file...well, it turns out that the file I created is gone, and the file I renamed has it's old name back!! And it also state's that the files were last modofied on March 30, while I made extensive changes to the files after march 30th!!

    Also, I don't have GoBack installed, or any program that resembles it, and Windows 2K dosen't have the restore feature that XP has

    Any help would be VERY muth appreciated, since I apparently lost a lot of work

    p.s: The oddest of it all is that only this folder "went back in time", the rest of the comp is still in happy April 18th

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    thanks dude, I'll try that

    Look for a system volume info folder
    where can I find this folder, and what is it's name? system volume information??


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