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    I downloaded Nero5540.exe and Nero-Serial-Number-Generator.exe . I start Nero, get this window telling me it is a demo. Then I enter the serial number produced by Number-Generator, click on demo, and get a message that my time is up. Alas, nothing gets burned but me...

    Can somebody PLEASE straighten me out on this?


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    er...this may sound obvious, but shouldan't U click on "ok" or somethink like that after entering the serial number, not "demo", since clicking on demo kinda means that U want to try the demo.....

    but U most certanly know what I just said, so it's probably just an invalid serial, try to generate a new one, or get another key-gen

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    I had the SAME problem earlier today! I downloaded nero too... it comes with a txt file that has a serial number in it (IF we downloaded the EXACT same copy). Copy that serial number and paste it where it asks for it when you start Nero.

    The "ok" button will only be available to you AFTER you've pasted the serial number. Otherwise, it's not clickable.

    Enjoy Nero I'm certainly taking advantage of it!


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