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    I have just the basic audio "in", speaker "out", and a mic "in" on the back of my pc.
    My problem is when I use the mic-in or audio-in I can't hear anything coming from my speakers.
    I have gone into the audio properties, and checked that all input sources and volume ect... are in order,
    But still nothing. I have also done the voice-test in the audio properties and can hear my voice through the delayed tester, so then I tried using my .wav recorder and found that I can RECORD sound and play it back, but cannot HEAR sound WHILE recording or just speaking into the mic. My audio input has the same problem. I was able to hear through them before, so wtf?
    This is really pissing me off, as I like to play my guitar through the pc, and HEAR it before I start my .wav recording. same with the mic.
    Is my output hardware bad?
    Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    try getting a decent sound card.

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    Well, that WOULD be the best thing, I cannot at this time for reasons I won't go into as it would bore everybody. I just want to know about my current problem
    No help? Thats ok too


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