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Thread: Where Can I Find Messenger Blocker?

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    I found out that messenger pop up can be blocked whit Messenger Blocker
    Do u have Messenger Blocker ?Tell me
    Or tell me where can i find it .
    having fun with girls - thats all about my friend

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    If u are pissed of by Messenger Windows pop up
    take Messenger Blocker from kazaa (rare)
    Its da best i tried it
    having fun with girls - thats all about my friend

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    Instead remove the problem so you do not have to get a blocker. This is much easier and will fix permantely.

    Start then run then type in services.msc then go to messenger and right click on it and go to properties and then disable and your problem will be fixed.

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    just do what balamm said easiest way really

    i nether got any since


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