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Thread: PSP Troubles Please Help

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    NOW im finally understanding this PSP Hacking thing... but I have a question. say that Im goin to use the KXploit Tool and UMD Emulator V0.8C to be able to play my back ups from my Pro Duo Memory Stick.

    1. The KXploit is a tool to send Applications such as UMD Emulator and Fast Loader, am I right?

    2. When I send all of the files to the PSP using the KXploit Tool do I need to have all of the isos inside of the UMD Emulator?

    Can someone please like give me the specifics because its very confusing. Thank you all!

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    i know nothing about it. watch yourself though, there are a few hacks disguised as good stuff that actually break your PSP permanently, and i think your warrenty is void

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    You don't need the KXploit Tool...

    Do you have a 1.50 PSP? Let me know what version you have and I'll help you out...
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    same here im ready to help you out, just let us know what version psp u have

    its actually pretty simple, so dont stress out

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    may I have your AIM or Email adresses so I can communicate with you when I buy my new one? Because right now I have a 2.5 but Im selling it and buying that EBGames PSP Bundle with the 1GB Stick. So Im not sure which one I will get. Thanks for the help guys.... finally a forum where someone helps!!!! My S/N is AxSr89 on AIM.


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