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Thread: Poem Help! ! !

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    I need someone who is KIND enough to help me make a love poem directed to a girl. . . Ignore the name of my sn. . . I want ot make an acrosstic poem . . . using the word
    And if you can make it ryhme...i prefer a love related poem. . . if youw anted to know what cultivator means Helper. . . So i really need someone to help me make one...i have tried many with that word but none seems to work... I would appreaciate it if you could be so kind as to help me form some. Thanks

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    Cuming you is just so fine,
    Up and down no need to wine.
    Licking here,
    Touching there,
    Insects going everywhere.
    V is just the spot to phuck,
    Above the chin if just more luck.
    Today we will just go mate, with me
    On top its just your fate.
    Rivers shall flow during our date.

    Hey, its an idea...

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    Yoshie GOOD JOB that is great....cept one thing... i don't wnat it liek that more love but no ACTUAL LOVE MAKING....thanks for trying though

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    All you said was to make it related to love. So I did...

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    Can you feel my love for you?
    Understand that it is true.
    Love is something that is in our hearts.
    That is why I hold back those farts.
    I cannot bear the shame or chance,
    Volcanic gases may fill my pants.
    Another moment and I will burst,
    Then you'll think that I'm the worst.
    Our love is strong, and I and glad
    Ripping a few good ones ain't so bad.

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    LOL !!!

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    those are pretty good lol
    even if they are of no use for him

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    Spindulik....that is good until it kind "Changes" otherwise that is a good start. But plz will anyone get REALLY serious and relate it to love (girl) but no SEX/ Offensive stuff.. Thanks

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    Originally posted by swarnel@19 April 2003 - 05:47
    those are pretty good lol
    even if they are of no use for him


    I started my poem very seriously. Trying to help the guy out. You still can use the first few verses, but I just went blank. Couldn't finish it. I was so compelled to finish it with the fart jokes. Sorry.

    Oh well.

    Maybe somebody can finish it nicely.

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    seriously, dont use that word. its not really what youre looking for. it has more to do with gardening, farming, cultivating, and the such. not so much helper, if thats what you thought. but anyways...

    Come on girl, my love for you's true

    Unbelievable that you love me too

    Love is what makes this relationship last

    Till no health, no weath, or u hear me pass gas
    (sorry for that, couldnt help it )

    Till forever, until an eternity's passed

    I will always cherish you

    Vvvvv....cant think of anything!

    Admiration i have for you

    Tonight we will make love so true

    Oh no i smell something really strong

    Ripped a big one through your thong!

    sorry man i just couldnt resist!

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